Daily Archives: June 2, 2009

JUNE COMPO – The Major Versus Ade

May finished in a decent profit £498 staked and a £136 profit, thanks to Ades last bet All the Nines to place – This was his fourth succesful horse tip in a row.  He goes into June in sizzling form and ready to destroy the Major.

These are the official rules:

1. £5,000 starting pot

2. All of the pot must be risked by the end of June

3. Minimum stakes £200 per bet and cannot be split between place and win market

4. One a bet is posted, the second contestant cannot gamble on the same result

5. Bets only, no lays

6. Only 50% of your bets may be odds on shots and a maximum £1000 stake is allowed on an odds on shot

South African Whitewash

We are getting June kicked off with a £15 bet on SA to whitewash the Rugny 3-0. 

This is from Ade so probably will happen.  Yesterday was the first day of Tim versus Ade at the horses.  Rules on next post!

Advice: The Major says £15 at evens 3-0