South African Whitewash

We are getting June kicked off with a £15 bet on SA to whitewash the Rugny 3-0. 

This is from Ade so probably will happen.  Yesterday was the first day of Tim versus Ade at the horses.  Rules on next post!

Advice: The Major says £15 at evens 3-0

One response to “South African Whitewash

  1. Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

    Zut ! I spend the best part of haf an hoor egsplaining the merit of my strategical oval ball betting movement and the effects of ‘altitude’ on my Boer brothers and zis cad ‘Ade’ takes it as hees own information. I say ‘ze vill be no draw’ and ‘eet is free money’ and vat does cad do … he argues and says ‘rubbish bet … rubbish bet’ …. zen he takes eet. Cad … and he vill feel more wrath today. ZUT ! INDEED !

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