Ades Lucky 15 – Monsieur Chevalier

Ade has selected four for a lucky fifteen today:

3.40 Hamilton – Talk of Saafend – Approx 8/1
4.50 Hamilton – Herrara – Approx 6/1
2.50 York – Monseiur Chevallier – Approx 7/4
3.25 York – Warringah – Approx 9/1

It is on one of these horses that I am concentrating.  Monsieur Chevalier.

This blog, courtesy of ade, has tipped up Chevalier before and you have to say since that run he has gone to impress more.  Today we will find out if he is genuine class as he faces the toughest assignment yet.  There is a question over whether he will handle the step up in trip but looking at his smooth style and the way he hasn’t shown signs of stopping yet, I would say he would.

Having said that the way he has progressed has been super impressive.  I am a little concerned that the horse has seen a lot of racing, today will be his eighth appearance in a long season for a two year old.  However, his explosive turn of foot really catches the eye and part out of romance and part logic, I am following him in today!

More losing bets for the Major lately and the profit on the blog is down to just £64 with £61 gone since the start of the month.  MC can help me out!

Advice: Back Monsieur Chevalier £20 3.2 WIN

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