The Major Returns – Big QEII Bet

The Major has returned from his two week Italian refresher and ready to carry on our profitable performance.  There is an outstanding bet coming in this weeks QEII.

Classic winning Mafki is as short as 4/5 on for this contest with Canford Cliffs now ruled out after a dirty scope.  Although Mafki is clearly a class act, I am not sure I would want to get involved at that price.

Until dropping out Canford was odds-on.  However Rip Van Winkle gave Canford a beating earlier in the year while in receipt of 11 pounds.  Mafki gets less than that on Saturday and has mixed form with Canford so how can he be 4/5 to Rips 5/2? Value to me…

Rip will find the mile sharp but hs two other O’Brien horses to ensure a good clip although oddly the likely pacemaker, Air Chief Marshall, is ridden by Jamie Spencer – Strange choice if the only job is to set a fair clip for 5 furlongs….

Take the 5/2, have a little cheeky bet and leave plenty of grapeshot for the return of the Saturday morning service.

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