The Majors Betting Resolutions

In 2011, I set out some betting resolutions, in 2012, the Major has updated them!  The Majors New Years Betting Resolutions are as follows:

1. While inexperience of horses in nurseries, novice hurdles and novice chases might mean caution, it does not mean no bet.  Choose your begginers chases well and there is still plenty of profit to be had, just try and steer clear of the odds on shots!

2. Don’t persist with football trends for too long, stop backing the value team when they hit their bad patch and stop backing first goalscorers when the odds tighten and the enemy realises the error.  Be quicker to change your mind and stop pouring good money after bad.

3. Sign up for every online betting acount.  One of the Majors advantages is being able to take the best prices available.  This means lots of accounts and not accepting 11/8 when 13/8 is available.  The profit is in the margins.

4. Discipline, discipline, discipline.  This means not following up the carefully calculated placed horse at 6/1 that returned a modest result with a lumpy bet on an odds on favourite to boost the funds.

5. Treat  victory like defeat.  One of the great gambling lessons is that defeat teaches you everything but you learn nothing from a win.  Every bet analyse the result as if it were a loss.  When you win, unfortunately you never question the logic; however, every loss you consider more carefully.

6. Stand by your opinion – The Major has a simple philosophy – Stand alone, be brave, have your gambling war paint on; being in a accurate minority is a good place for a well tailored gambling gentlemen.  200/1 is not a problem!

7. Only take account of useful trends, ditch the statisical distractions.  Far too often you can be drawn into meaningless statistics that suggest a trend to follow.  Football bogey teams fall into this bracket – So what if Blackburn have not won at Wigan for 15 years – What could that possibly mean to Wigan v Blackburn today.  However, horses with no course form at Bath, Chester or Southwell, get an immediate line through them – Of every trend first ask is it a false stat or a genuine influence. 

8. Research, research, research – The key to outperforming the betting market is research.  On the football fields, who is playing, who is injured, who will take the penalties – On track, think course form, race trends, age, jockey, jockey trainer strikerate, going, breeding, distance, trainer % first time out and a lot more!  Do not skimp on the time spent reading.

9. Use the mathematics of gambling to your advantage

10. Relentlessly Positive – The Majors main resolution is to remain utterly positive in the face of a bad run.  Bet with more than you should, it’s what Jesus wanted of you.

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