Midweek Hotpots – Tuesday Tips from the Major – Fontwell, Bath and Pontefract

Good evening from the Major who is horizontal in the hope of a swift recovery for an injured knee.  The mind is unaffected and the sharp sense of adventure leads me to a foray into the Tuesday cards… saddle up young follower, your charger carries your sheepskin, the leathers are clean, your tunic red, bright and pristine; your sabre shining as ready for parade.  To the cards and the riches, fortunes and mysteries of a new day.

Steep, sharp, camber......... Try and pick those with course form at Bath, Fantasy Fry for the Major

Bath 7pm

It is nice when the clocks go back and the evening meets come thick and fast.  Denizens of our creed of gambling men know I prefer the national hunt season but watching the 7.50 from a sun bathed Windsor tonight, one was struck by how simple it would be to sit at one of those tables on the trackside and enjoy a nice Sancerre as the sun sets and one of those Berkshire strumpets tends to wanton fun with a look of utter nothingness in her wonderfully vacant eyes.

None of that has anything to do with the winner of the 7pm at Bath tomorrow night.  Although I hope the good citizens of Bath have the weather too as well as the strumpets.

Fantasy Fry is the 13/2 selection.  I like the fact it is more certain to act on the ground than many.  I also like the fact it is the only one in the field with a course win.  There are some tracks where that is important.  Cheltenham, Southwell and Bath being some.  The extended 5f sprint at Bath can be carnage.  A downhill stretch some on a camber, a tight left hand bend a furlong and a half from home and an uphill finish, I like horses that have proven they can handle it.

3.10 Pontefract

Hoof It at 4/1 is a cracking bet.  In a field of monkeys, this is the potential improver.  Not many are guaranteed to like conditions, this one seems to like a bit of rattle under his feet.  Fallon booked for a second time, get stuck in, load the thunderous cannon, let it boom, let it boom!

2.50 Fontwell

American Trilogy is the forecast favourite and while Fontwell is a left handed track which will suit his sometimes violent digressions to the left when jumping obstacles, I think his tendencies hides deeper issues – For the Major one to watch. 

Fruity O Rooney is being asked to shoulder a fair old burden.   Reliable.

Swansbrook won an easy return to action, as you would expect him to and with that confidence booster under his belt, I put it to you that he is the likeliest sort.

Seven bets to cover Fantasy Fry, Hoof It and Swansbrook in singles, doubles and a treble?  You know what Jesus would do.

I have a few days worth of bets to add to the records, forgive the sloppiness.

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