Wednesday Folkestone Tip – Fallon Special

A quick tip for Folkestone races from the Major to brighten up your Wednesday.  3.20 and a 5f sprint of firmer conditions than we have seen in the last few weeks in Britain.

The selection is a confident one.

Miss Chamanda was pretty poor last time out buy you can forgive that given the mare had the best part of two years off the track.  It was perfectly entitled to need a pipe opener and now the jockey selection looks telling of what the new chapter might hold.

Kieran Fallon is a very eye catching ride and the pick of the form of this horse from its classic year would be good enough regardless.  Dropped to a mark of 72 and at a price of 5/1, the Major is hopeful of big things.

Shabash – Take a slice and thank me later

2 responses to “Wednesday Folkestone Tip – Fallon Special

  1. it runs in 350 not 320

  2. Ha ha – ooooops!! Cheers

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