Daily Archives: November 19, 2011

The Saturday Sermon – All Aboard the Long Run Express…. choo choo

The Major wishes you the finest morning from Birmingham from where I type a very short Saturday Sermon.

The Major was on the town last night and thus a curtailed post is all I can manage but fear not, we have a monster monster double to pave the way to steak dinner this evening.

Long Run will not be beaten.  There.

People forget easily what true class looks like and Long Run is the real deal.  His Gold Cup performance was easily the best in years and he can only have improved over the winter.  Any doubts about going fresh are cast from my mind watching Henderson rack up a five timer yesterday across the cards with four of those winners being seasonal debuts.

Long Run is a course record breaking super star.  Odd Against is absurd.  Load both cannons with the heavy shot and kaboooooom 6/5 shabash.

The second part of the double is the very generous prices about Derby who I think are on the up and will easily deal with mangerless Hull at home today.  7/4 in a place, 6/4 more commonly, have a slice.

That is the tastiest double you will get this side of Christmas!  Enjoy.

No dinner plans.

Courage, roll those dice.