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The Cheltenham Competition Settled… Donation Made – Footsteps Foundation

Morning All

With racing off,  thought it timely to settle the Cheltenham competition which drew seven entrants.  Thank you for taking part… Let’s take a look…  Here is the original post.

Matthew scored one winner from his selections which were:

Wow - Matthew beats 4 of the 7 who dared take him on!!!

Wow – Matthew beats 4 of the 7 who dared take him on!!!

Kyhber Kim, Sizing Europe, FiveforThree, Captain Chris, The New One, Dodging Bullets, Champion Court, Milo Man, Terminal and Module.

If you did not get to see the young lad in action, then it is worth watching this explanation of his selection of Dodging Bullets… which boils down to the ‘horse having a boost’.

Adam Clarke beat that with Cue Card and Champagne Fever.  Well done Champ.

Gary Savage beat it with Hurricane Fly and Back in Focus.  Congrats.

Martin Hill I believe lost to it with just Sprinter Sacre.

I make Mark Sumner a narrow winner with Sprinter Sacre and Bobs Worth.

Strange Rumblings – I think you were beaten I am afraid, just Sprinter to you winners column.

Paul – I think you were the same.

Luke Elder – I do believe you were also a casualty!

That makes the final scores…



I said I would donate a £5 for each of you that beat him.  I rounded up to the attached donation.

As advertised this was a competition of goodwill and I thank you for entering, if you can make your donation, then the Footsteps Foundation I know will be really grateful.  If the four of Matthews defeated foes donate their £10 then we are close to a £100 donation which for a bit of Cheltenham fun is laudable.

Thanks again all - It is a good cause

Thanks again all – It is a good cause

The link for donations.

The cause is awesome, have a look at the website, particularly the testimonials.  What could make you feel better than helping young kids, many of whom are suffering with cerebral palsy?

Most of all I would like to thank you for taking part.  I write the Major because I enjoy charting my battle with the turf accountant.  It is free, barely profitable and unhinged.  I consider the readers to be a community of like minded souls that realise what is important in life and your contribution to the Cheltenham competition reaffirmed this.  Thank You.