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It has been a tradition for a guest blogger to use the Majors platform to provide excellent insight into the US Masters and usually a good top flows forth. Alas, I hand over to my good friend, the silent assassin.

The US Masters

Well here it is once again, 12 months on not a day wiser, but the first and most entertaining major has arrived, spring has sprung.

I love this tournament more then anything, you could be set on cruise control one minute only for one bad bounce to set you sailing back down the field. I write here for the major hoping this year I can provide a winner. 3 years, 3 ‘top three’ finishers but not a winner. We stay strong and positive and here we go.

Augusta National, measures in at a huge 7435 yards. Water hazards, big bunkers, massive slopes and if your Rory someone’s back garden! Hit it long, hole putts or go home that’s all I need to say!

People who know me will know I’m a very patriotic guy and I will be the first to say we will not see a British winner. Apologies for everyone who wants to see it but it’s not going to happen.
I have three guys who I think can win and a preference for the chap I want to win, which is where we shall begin.

Sergio Garcia remains one of the most talented golfers not to win a major. He is playing some awesome golf, he’s hitting fairways and greens but the same thing again the putter isn’t as hot as it should be. Sergio gets that putter working??….. he will be in the top 5 that’s a certain.

34 years old 14th attempt at the masters have a cheeky each way and you will receive a pay check. 22/1 at the moment.

Ok now for the savers, two players I think can win it with the requisite fortune.

Most masters winners have been between 27-35 and have won it on their 4-7th time of asking. Jason Day 27, 6th maters.

He is having one hell of a season. This Austrailian has the passion, determination and soul! He loves this tournament having three top 5 finishes in the last 5 years. This guy hits it long and has a short game like Seve. 16/1 at present so this is the time to load the cannons!! This guy can play! Just need to see a better first day and he’s away!

One other you might be interested in… Dustin Johnson, no one seems to be going on him for some reason? 29 years old, 7th maters, fits my bill! Things to know about Dustin:

1 he is hitting greens for the fun of it at the moment

2 his putting is ridiculous! Holes putts for fun!

3 this guy hits the ball huge! I’m talking HUGE!!!

He is now up to 11th in the world rankings, having a enormous season this for me personally is the winner this year look about for him at about 26/1.

Load the cannons on this one and thank me Sunday night.