York Wednesday Tips…. Go on then!

I’ve seen one too many tweet saying it is nigh on impossible to win money at York today and so I am going to have a pop.

Good to soft?  Are you having a laugh?  Surely it is deeper than that? Well I am treating it as proper slow ground and looking for performers and pedigrees to match.

These are my 6.  No frills, no time.  Working for a living these days.  Saturday Sermons will still contain a lecture as you have come to expect.  By the way, I saw that some cheeky tipping site has started a Sunday Sermon service.  The absolute bare-faced flagrant plagiarising thieves.  They will hear from my lawyer.  Well they won’t.  They say it is a form of flattery, I doubt they even thought of me.

Here we go.  York Tips:

1.55 Dutch Masterpiece 11/1

2.30 Recorder 5/1

3.05 Tashaar (just over Bondi Beach) 9/2

Juddmonte 3.40 – Who will run is the best question.  Being out of Cape Cross, Golden Horn, the horse of the year might struggle on genuine soft.  That is how I think the ground will play and so I cannot bet him.  Problem is the entire field are unproven on soft ground and we don’t know if either thee top two will line up.  If all 8 did, I’d be sorely tempted to play Arabian Queen at 100/1 each way.  OK, there is best part of two stone to be made up but at least she gets a weight allowance and has won on soft.  Otherwise, no bet.

4.20 Treasure The Ridge e/w 28/1

4.55 Shawaahid 11/1

Right, some of us have work to do.

Courage, roll the dice.


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