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The Saturday Sermon: Tips from Ascot, Newmarket and Redcar

Good morning from the Major who writes from another stunning Worcestershire vista, one of the last I shall write this post from.  A palette of pinks, orange and blue at dusk last evening, far too glorious for my poor skill to give justice to.  There is such  lightness in the air, the lack of clouds leads me to stock up the logs, October is here and we can light the woodburner.

Another week has passed.  Time rolls on, we lumber forwards like a great demented blind beast.  I fall from one boozy occasion to the next.

Thanking Steve for the hospitality over many weeks, I entertained him to a good lunch in Manchester and a visit to Old Trafford for Champions League night.  We got very well oiled, promptly refreshing the Hendricks and tonic that accompanied the Italian and sinking more G&Ts up in the prawn cocktail levels of Old Trafford.  Good company and in the end what else is life for, than a partner to travel down this swirling river.

From there to an awards dinner on Thursday night at Cheltenham racecourse.  Awards dinners are frightfully boring if you have not experienced such an evening first hand.  The compere battles to keep good order, the place lacks soul and the two ingredients required to turn this into something memorable are humorous and attractive company and booze, ideally both in plentiful supply.  I scored well on both.  I drank my own body weight in moderate yet expensive wine and my old friend Jenny helped host the table, a magnificent woman with a generous soul and sharp eye.

Then to Friday and surely rest.  No, not quite.  Friends over, fire lit, board games, curry, drinking.  I write knowingly in need of some lifestyle changes, temporary or permanent.

Without much exercise of the physical variety, my body is shot to pieces.  The life of a bon viveur has taken me to the top end of the weight spectrum.  I am about to reach for the answer, the Majors insanity diet.  Not recommended by your doctor but effective.

If you want to lose weight quickly (and trust me it makes you feel good to lose the excess at pace, both from a sense of achievement and from your health), I can personally vouch for the following.

Every day, wake and start drinking water.  Do not eat breakfast, you cannot afford it on insanity diet.  Push through until lunch, keep yourself busy both to burn calories and to keep your mind off any hunger.  At lunch, eat either a bowl of soup (I will allow you a single dry piece of bread but no spread which doubles the calorific intake of the slice) or a bowl of cereal with semi skimmed milk.  Go back to work.  At dinner, repeat.  Go to sleep.

Weight yourself every morning, this is important to keep you motivated.  You will be losing between 1-2 pounds per day.  That is 450-900g per day, quite impressive.  Within days, cloths will feel better to wear.  A stone will come off in about 10 days.  Faster if you manage to get some light exercise in although never try and substitute extra exercise to compensate for more food.  My diet works because you are getting to under 700 calories a day.

You will feel great once you are beyond day two, I promise.  The first two days require some mental strength, you need to shock yourself into getting started.  After two days, the evidence of daily weight loss and the ease with you which you are sleeping and the surprise of people around you at how little you are eating and drinking will keep you rolling.

Stop at your fighting weight.

I am thinking of copyrighting the work.  I am not a dietary expert, I am not well placed to advise you on how bad the diet might be for your health.  I have my views, the loss of a stone or two in under a month is a bit sudden but obesity is a terrible source of illness – I shall file my report next week for your reading.

To the sports.

Newmarket, Redcar and Ascot Tips

I like the look of the Cumberland Lodge Stakes at Ascot for a betting race.  Three year olds do OK in the race and against a field of good yardsticks, I like the unexposed Star Storm who is a son of Sea the Stars.  He took a little while to get going but has won in very eye-catching style the last twice and is due this pop at better horses.  9/2.  Hillstar is the one I will be watching for.

The Challenge Cup is the Channel 4 feature race of the day, which is odd given the high cash stakes races over at Newmarket.  I like Outback Traveller who looked last time that he was returning to some sort of form.  However, I am going to bet Mr Win at 10/1 who has looked mighty progressive and gets hs favoured ground again.

In the fillies trophy at Newmarket, O’Brien sends over a short priced favourite, the 1/2 shot and I am pushed to see the value given the form is good (4th in a Cheveley) but hardly bullet proof.  At this time of a juvenile filly season, results can be unusual.  I want an each way prospect and I like Engage.  She won her debut race and I am confident will come forwards from that form considerably.  8/1, have a decent slice.

In the boys version, I am interested in East Indies but it is an odd preparation to win a 10f race on the all-weather before such a valuable sales race.  Zhui Feng gets my vote.  Well bred, going the right way and has been here before, all advantages.  Azteni up top settles it. 6/1.

At 3pm at Redcar, I wanta  slice of Haley Bop at 14/1.  A Redcar win is in the locker and she is a Johnstone sort, tough and plenty of improvement to come.

The Martin Hill: Star Storm, Haley Bop and Zhui Feng – A fine trixie of death.

May your dinner be fresh and healthy.  It will be my last substantial meal for some time.

Courage, roll the dice.