Tuesday Cheltenham Twitter Meet Up… Formerly #OperationNoMoreHeroes

Cheltenham is carnage.

Every year I promise to meet someone or other and then fail miserably as the sheer brutal chaos of Cheltenham defeats me.  Every year, after Cheltenham I feel like I should have done a little more.

So this festival… I am hoping as many people will join me on Champion Hurdle Tuesday for Operation Mothership.

The Details

Meeting Place: Lord Vestey Bar – We will be at the new bar, stood at the top end, nearest the finish line!

Time: 12.30

Who is welcome: All (no riffraff)

What will happen: We meet up, exchange bets, buy drinks and chat!  We only have 30-45 minutes.  One of the stipulations of turning up is that you buy a £5 bet (can be for any horse) and write your twitter handle on it.  One of the rules for the meet is that you have to exchange your bet with someone else.


The following people have confirmed…. (This is a live list so will be updated until the morning of the race).  I am hoping for at least 15 of us…

I will definitely be there: @tdl123 @pieayatollah27 @chrisjdavey30 @nick_crossland @Tom_ridler Phil Dinsdale, Matt L, Adam Redmond

I will try and be there:


2 responses to “Tuesday Cheltenham Twitter Meet Up… Formerly #OperationNoMoreHeroes

  1. Phil Dinsdale

    I’ll be there #Operationmothership

  2. Good stuff Phil, I have added you to the list!

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