The Champion Chase Sermon 2016

Good Evening from the Major who writes from the quietude of home, released from battle but worn from the abrasion.  My goodness.

I am sorry that I wrote so much for the previous sermon.  It was the result of being ring rusty and setting out the piece in many sessions.  I was awkward.

Tuesday at Cheltenham – Altior was superb, looming up at the bottom of the hill, I thought that Min had the move covered, alas, it was the gambling curse – The thought that your one is the best.

The weather was odd.  Bright and cold, not quite rain but close.

Cheltenham was packed. I am always there for the opening day. My company was exceptional. My brother, Adam and Steve.  We met up for the Twitter Grand Meet #OperationNoMoreHeroes – Thank you to those that came. Particularly the good denizen (identify yourself again for I lost your name) that gave me a £5 bet on Altior! Ah… the bitterest pill is hard to swallow.

We met up with Gem (@gem1304) – First time the good lady and I made acquaintance..  She was struggling between a long painful journey plus an illness that had drained some colour… and in the righteous corner, a lust for life, real ale and some quality racing.  Good sort that one.

Annie Power won the Champion Hurdle.  Wow.  I owe her an apology, at one point, I considered her a boat.  I was always over-playing it in my head, I accept it now.  She did jump a few large but in the end, she powered clear with the full redeeming qualities that Ruby would have wanted.  I shall not try to excuse myself, I was wrong.

I am laden under a burden of betting and booze.  I have to get into the horses, else this will not get written.

I had some tasty tickets on Douvan return today.  Bravo! Many other even tastier tickets when to the pits of hell some time previous.  Wednesday, all to play for.

To the card my friend, brush up, play up and cry loud, Shabash! Courage, roll the dice.

Champion Chase Day Tips

The Neptune

I was there on trials day and my son still readily recalls the performance of Yanworth on whom he had a win.  To explain, I provided the stakes, he picked the type and if it won, well, he got the lot.

The Neptune is always a race that suits a favoured sort and of the two I favour Yanworth.  Yorkhill was diverted from the supreme where Min was the stables main threat.  Min proved (and I say it with the appropriate sanguine) not as bullet proof as our pre festival hopes.  20/1 slips mean nothing unless they actually win.

This is not a critique of the Mullin yard, the horse or the jockey.  In order, Mullins is the best, coming 2nd in a Supreme is a damn good result for a horse and Ruby is Ruby.

In fact, what redemption for Ruby as he romped up the hill with Annie, I return to that again.  Yes, yes, and again, yes.

This is a classic Irish / UK festival duel… The form is hard to compare.  I favour Yanworth who has experience of the course and won here on trials day (my son in tow) like a good un.

The RSA Tip

Pain, pain and more pain.

Oh, I want it to be No More Heroes.  Yet… the ground and the race pans out that it should be More of That

Ouch. I recall from the tip but it has to be.

If No More Heroes prevails, send help for me.

The Coral Cup Tip

Right… Something 5 or 6 years old, from a top yard… I’d like a top jockey too in this sort of mixed up battle.

My answer: Baoulet Delaroque

You can get 14/1.

The Champion Chase

I have always had a soft spot for God’s Own after that extended novice chasing season.  No, he is not good enough, I know that now.

I have had it in for Sprinter Sacre and Sire de Grugy ever since their respective come backs.  This division does not suit recovery sorts.

As such.  Load as much as you like on Un De Sceaux.  It won’t touch a birch.  It will share a reasonable lead with Special Tiara and not see another horse.

Bet like you mean it.

The Cross Country

Leave it to the specialist, Enda.   Josie’s Orders is well prepared and no person alive knows the twists and turns of the Cross Country course better than Nina.  She will ride them senseless and bring her mount home.  5/2 – Goodness I would back it with my money, yours and my mothers, bless her.

The Fred Winter Tip

If at this stage of the day you need a win, you are in deep trouble my friend.  Retreat from the field of battle and dust yourself down for another day.

However, if you arrive with ammunition in your pouch and a wanton look of wildness in your eyes, then let fly.

Voix De Reve – The right yard, the right owner, the right jockey.  Support on the exchanges tonight.  Get involved.

The Champion Bumper Tip

Warning – I have not had a good bumper horse ever.  That said, in my defence, it is a race f the greatest unknown quantity.

Grab a dart and throw it my friend.  My money resides on Castello Sforza who is amongst the Mullins armada, in the JP colours.  God knows though, anything could happen.

May your dinner end less farcical than mine this evening… Ask me about it another time.  Courage, roll the dice.



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