2014 Cheltenham Festival Tips

Welcome to the Majors 2014 Cheltenham antepost tips page.  I have run through my thoughts of each grade 1 race, a week before the off to give my assessment of the best chances in each race.

I appreciate that arriving at this page, if you are not a regular on the blog, you might not know much about the Major.  For the last five years, I have religiously posted my tips on a Saturday on this blog.  I call my weekend rants, the Saturday Sermon and it is generally an eclectic mix of Victorian military history, dark thoughts I have throughout my restless nights, gambling advice and tips of dubious quality, mainly of UK racing.

The Cheltenham festival is the point of the year around which my calender revolves.  We are either just post Cheltenham, absorbing it’s lessons, or we are in the build up to the next festival.  The only thing that terrifies me is dying before March and going without some great conundrum even being revealed.  It will happen one year!

For the 2014 festival, I have started by assessing the top class races, the grade 1’s.  Below is a day by day swift run through of my thoughts.

Courage, roll the dice.

Schedule for completion – All days G1’s covered a week before the race…. Thats what is intended anyway

Cheltenham Tuesday – Grade 1 Tips

Cheltenham Wednesday – Grade 1 Tips

Cheltenham Thursday – Grade 1 Tips

Cheltenham Friday – Grade 1 Tips

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