How we do the Cheltenham Festival

The Major asked a number of friends who attend the festival each year to answer a few questions about the festival for you, helpful if you are new to the festival or have not figured out your Cheltenham ‘routine’ yet.

Click on the links to read their thoughts….

Adrian Ellis – This man has been a long standing Cheltenham Festival attendee and even worked on the course – He loves his racing, enjoys a quiet drink but does not over do it and has a definite routine.

Andy Febery – Seasoned campaigner at the festival, more into the racing than the drinking – Quite happy to not have a bet and just enjoy the show.

Andy Lyons – Loves a beer, loves the craic, knows the good bars and where a man might get a late night game of cards!

Glenn Cherry – As a man who has lived in the swankiest districts of Cheltenham, asome decent guidance as to some of the best eateries and boozers for post racing.

Matthew Bax – Relative festival novice who has yet to see a winning bet on the course!

Will Brunwin – Has a thing about horse statues and loves the drinking debauched side of the festival fun!

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