Problem Gambling

The Major enjoys gambling, I take from it a pleasure which derives from the thrill of calculating odds and then chancing that knowledge against the betting markets.

For me, I occasionally gamble a bit too much.  By that I mean that I lose a stake I regret placing and feel a touch sore.  In itself, this is no problem but for a surprising and serious number of punters, gambling can become a bigger problem.  More than a bit too much, more than a bit frustrating, more than bad habits….

The Major holds this page on the site in case you feel troubled by your betting habits.  At its worst, gambling can be a dangerous addiction, capable of destroying careers, families and lives.

Half of the UK population gamble in some form.  Many will get into trouble and the early signs are often spending more money than you can afford, arguing with family or friends over gambling, borrowing to bet, lying about your betting habits, neglecting relationships and feeling anxious about gambling.

If you think your gambling is out of control or you are just worried it might be getting that way, the Major urges you to seek some proper help.  Gambling is a regulated industry and it has options to support you such as self exclusion or limits. 

The Gamcare charity are the real experts at helping people in trouble with their gambling.  Rather than try to regurgitate their excellent work, visit their superb website where you will find forums, online chat and easy to access phone advice.

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