The Major versus the Bookie is your slightly warped tipster service bought to you by a madman on the verge of insanity.

Always free, barely profitable and most certainly unhinged, the Major brings you a run down of sporting action, often accompanied by a history lecture and encouragement to be irresponsible.

I am a keen horse racing fan and generally a fan of UK sports.  I am also a keen amateur gambler and enjoy the spice, tingle and excitement of waging money on sporting opinion.

I enjoy penning my thoughts in public as it makes more considerate and offers people the chance to ridicule or agree with the logic.  I may not be the greatest writer but I enjoy spilling my mind open every weekend.

Oddly I enjoy losing as much as winning.  I gamble for fun with small amounts of money, occasionally more.  For me the enjoyment is in the process and if I could not accept losses with dignity I would have had to give up a long time ago!

The purpose of this blog will be solely for me to post my betting advice and see how I can do.  I expect to lose as often as I win – A 20% profit would be a right result.  However, having to justify my racing (and occasionally other sports) selections may just focus the mind.

6 responses to “About

  1. hey there… enjoyed browsing around your blog. was interesting seeing the betting process from a punter’s point of view… coz you see, i’m welli into the bookies too… except that i’m on the other side of the counter lolll 🙂

    will drop in from time to time.



  2. A-ok day! Do you resort to Twitter? I’d like to cultivate you if that would be okay. I’m beyond a enjoying your blog and look saucy to new posts.

  3. Excellent blog, and free too, which is fairly mind-blowing these days..for anything decent, anyhow, which this definitely is.

  4. Hi ‘Major’

    I have been trying to get hold of you. Would you be so kind as to drop me an email please? Great writing by the way and nice result with Spurs and Sky Lantern at the weekend 😉 Cheers, Lee

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