The Major strives to make a profit even if it rarely seems that way.  I promise there is some logic to the swirling maelstrom that pervades each post.

The links accessible as drop downs from the ‘Bet Register’ tab show the raw bet data from each month.  The drop downs from the Results tab show the summary record for each month.

The Major initially did not record results but started in 2011.  After five months, the onerous nature of it got the better of me.  In 2012, I have, once again, started recording all advices to maintain an up to date profit and loss.

I apologise therefore that the record is a bit hit and miss!

I also record the price as that advised by the Major.  If the market offers best price, I will record the SP if it is bigger

In the 2012 results I am recording far les information to make the task easier.  Where I record the price, it is shown in decimal odds.  Thus results are all shown to level pound stakes.  occasionally I might advise a two or three star bet and it is simply an increase in that stake.

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