Cheltenham Festival Thoughts – Andy Febery

Name: Andy Febery

Festivals Attended: 30+

Why do you love the Festival?

It’s the greatest sport, at the greatest location, the best crowd, the best atmosphere, it’s 12 months of anticipation, it’s the arrival of spring, it’s the one guaranteed opportunity to meet up with like minded friends, it’s all a man could want – and it all happens on my doorstep.

Best Festival Memory and Biggest Festival Win?

Best memory – selecting Royal Frolic to win Gold Cup at 14-1 in 1976. I was 14 years old and broke the school betting ring – hurrah!. Biggest win – Topsham Bay in the 4 miler (I think) at 40-1 in 1990. It should never have been that price (in my view!)

Do you have a favourite day and why?

Tuesday, easily! All the anticipation and enthusiasm – none of the jaded fatigue!

What advice would you give someone going for the first time?

Get there early, make the most of everything the event has to offer. Don’t spend the day in the bar.

Which enclosure do you prefer?

Always Club.

Any strong advice for someone betting at the festival for the first time?

Easy – don’t bet at the festival, it’s too competitive, you won’t win. Enjoy the sport, the racing, the competition for what it is! If you need a bet, bet on the meeting that’s probably happening at Sedgefield!

What one thing is a ‘must do’ or ‘must see’ at the festival?

Go out to the centre of the course and get near a fence. Watch the field come over – awesome!

Are there any other things you like to do each year around course?

Always a pint in the Guinness Village.

Anything to avoid?

The touts

Do you do after racing entertainment / eating in Cheltenham? If so, where?

Always a few beers and something to eat. Anywhere where there are racing people who want to talk racing!

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